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Handy information about your House Sign, including cleaning and installation of Classic and Glass signs.



You can use most glass and window cleaning products to clean your House Sign.


Installation - Classic Style

Simply line up your House Sign and drill a screw through the holes in the timber frame into wall.


Installation - Glass House Sign

Use your front panel as the template to position panels on walls and align the hole centres.

Ensure that the fixings you use to secure A parts are suited to the material of the wallthey are being attached to. EG when securing to wood use 8 gauge counter sunk head wood screws. When securing to plaster board, concrete, block etc. obtain the appropriate fixings for those materials from your hardware store or specialist supplier.

Ensure that your A parts are secured strongly enough to hold the entire loading on the A plus B plus C parts



Multi Mounts




Your new Glass House Sign comes with a set of the highest quality brushed-silver Multi Mounts.