How We Work

At Lotza Signs we like to make your life easy. We've put this page together so you can see how the process of making a sign works, how long it might take and what's involved.


STEP 1 - Initial Consultation
- We spend time talking with the client to find out what their needs might be

- Through this discussion we come up with various ideas on how to best meet the client’s requirements
- We discuss sizing, signage material options and artwork ideas
- If required, measurements are taken of the site/vehicle/sign

STEP 2 - Quoting

- Based on the specifications and discussions, we provide a written quote outlining the works involved

- We talk with the client to ensure they are happy with the quote
- Once this quote has been approved, the job moves to artwork

STEP 3 - Artwork & Proofing

- Using either logos and images provided, or coming up with new ones we put together some examples for the new signage

- A proof sheet is sent, usually via email, with one or more options on how the signage might look
- If necessary, alterations are made after discussions with the client, and further proofs are sent
- Once the artwork is approved, the job is moved into production

STEP 4 - Production of Signs

- Depending on the job, materials are cut to size, digitally printed or computer-cut as per the approved artwork

- The job is prepped and we consult with the client about an installation date
- The production process can take anywhere from 2 to 10 days, depending on the complexity
sign installation

STEP 5 - Installing the Sign

- We organise a time that suits your business, usually early morning for an installaiton

- For vehicles, we have our own workshop for application
- We work safely and swiftly on your project until it is finished

STEP 6 - After-Sales Care

- If the client has any questions regarding the care of their signage, we offer advice and direction

- We keep your artwork on file for future jobs that may re-occur, for example another vehicle in your fleet
- We give the client a call to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied with the job

Although no two jobs are ever the same, this is a basic overview of the signage process here at Lotza Signs. So if you aren’t sure where to start with your signage – start at step one by giving us a call today.